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        1810, SEG Plaza, 1002 Huaqiang Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

        Company Profilehot88热竞技

        Shenzhen Penghaida Electronics Co., Ltd. is a large-scale distribution agency dedicated to the electronic components industry. Founded in 2005, it mainly serves the terminal factories, and now there are thousands of enterprises that have been served. The industry involves communication, security, power supply, household appliances and so on. In the industry has a good reputation.
        In today's electronic components market is flooded with a large number of new, second-hand, fake goods, the company adheres to the letter first, profit for the future business philosophy, only operating brand new original products. All products from Europe, America, Hongkong, Taiwan and other regions, the general agent or directly from the factory procurement. By strictly checking the purchase and quality, ensure that every integrated circuit delivered to customers is 100% qualified products. The company has a branch in Hong Kong. Most of the goods are transshipped through Hong Kong and can be traded directly in foreign currencies in Hong Kong. The company mainly distributes TI, NXP, IR, ATMEL, FSC, ST and other world first-line brands. For a long time, the company has been paying attention to the growth of purchasing power. After years of accumulation and development, a perfect global procurement system has been established. In the spot, shortage of materials, procurement of materials to stop production unique!

        In 2015, the company became the authorized agent of Taiwan UTC and Taiwan Ling Ling (NEXTRON). 2016 is a year of rapid development and growth of our company. Companies focus on corporate culture, attach importance to team building, people-oriented. Cohesion continues to strengthen! Continue to introduce elite in the industry to join in and seek common development. In 2016, the per capita annual sales volume exceeded 5 million yuan.
        Credit and service are our foothold. Common prosperity and development are our eternal pursuit.
        Reasons for choosing phaida Electronics:
        1, the company is a regular company, only original goods, only the original goods, a penalty ten! Please identify Peng Haida!
        2, pay attention to every detail! Pursue common development with customers! Peng Haida pursue win-win, mutually beneficial, steady and sustainable development.
        3. Customers can accept long term orders. The order that has been confirmed will not exceed the market price fluctuation in the order contract.
        4, please tell us the first time when we are short of material. We will reply with the fastest speed.
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